This Is My Ham – World Exclusive Preview

Chris Jackson previews This Is My Ham, the first social networking site for meat.

Since designing the Facebook logo for Mark Zuckerberg, I’ve constantly been approached by various startups begging me for my help and expertise. A few weeks ago, Matthew Ogle, co-founder of social music sharing site This Is My Jam, contacted me asking if I would be willing to take a look at his new site and share my thoughts on it with him. Thanks to my high profile, I managed to pull a few strings and persuade him to let me release a world exclusive preview of the domain on this very blog. It’s called This Is My Ham.

The site itself is very similar to This Is My Jam, though hams have replaced the jams – which, confusingly, doesn’t mean the edible jam, it means songs. I’m unsure why they decided to make a move from music to meat, but I guess ham is pretty popular and there is definitely a gap in the market for social sharing sites about food. Animal activist organisation PETA was originally up in arms about the website featuring nothing but butchered flesh, but a site to cater for the vegetarian consumer, This Is My Yam, is promised soon.

Creating a new account doesn’t take very long, and there’s even an option to share your current ham to your Twitter followers. Unfortunately as of yet, there’s not an option to share on Facebook, but according to recent surveys I didn’t actually research into, Facebook users eat fifty percent less pig than Twittererers. I’ll get onto the social sharing side of things a little later, though.

Once logged in, the user is prompted to select their current favourite ham. You can select anything from glazed to processed. You can even select those little bear shaped slices, which is great for the kids. When you’ve selected your ham, you can choose one of many pre-made backgrounds to display your meat, and share it with everybody following you. You and your followers can then print off your selected ham, though this is limited to people with 3D printers for now. A great idea, but I think the cost of this may put people off a bit.

As I mentioned earlier, sharing your ham on Twitter is quite heavily focussed upon. It lets everybody who stalks you know what food you’re into for the week so that they can copy you and try and be like you. If you follow me on Twitter (which I’m sure you don’t), you’ve probably seen my tweets from this website. It’s pretty simple, and shows people what meat you love with a link to your This Is My Ham profile page. It’s an easy tactic to spread the word about the site, and I think it works well.

Unfortunately, this is all I’m allowed to show you at the moment. There’s plenty more, believe me, but you’ll just have to wait until the official launch. My profile is actually live on there at the moment, so please take a look and let me know what you think about it in the comments section below:

Of course, every company has a rival these days, and social giant Instagram is set to take on This Is My Ham with their flesh-sharing site dubbed Instaham. I haven’t actually been invited to participate in the beta version of this, but a friend of mine has, and managed to get me this screenshot. Apparently there are loads of blood-stained filters for you to use, and an option to “cook” your photo for a unique effect. Cooking it “rare” gives a pink hue and light leaks to the picture, whereas “well done” boosts the contrast and lowers the saturation. Again, this is a world exclusive: you saw it here first!

Follow This Is My Ham on Twitter: @ThisIsMyHam

Chris Jackson is actually a vegetarian, so he found all this meat stuff really quite offensive. Why not follow him on Twitter? You may as well.

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